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Custom Benefits Solutions spends a portion of the year speaking at prominent industry events, organizing forums and seminars, and connecting with business leaders across the US.

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What’s the good news, ladies? Holiday time!

Published: December 13th 2018

“One of the ways I have definitely found the joy this year is by meeting so many wonderful rock star women in our industry from around the country and sharing their inspiring stories“

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2018 Top Women in Benefit Advising

Published: October 18th 2018

In a largely male-dominated profession, EBA’s 2018 Top Women in Benefit Advising stand out for both personal and professional reasons…“I don't shy away from the truth no matter how it may impact my own bottom line. If it helps my clients then that's all that matters.”

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Moved to action: Employee benefits broker takes on opioid crisis

Published: October 9th 2018

“When Cristy saw the need, she rose to the challenge,” says Eric Silverman, founder of Voluntary Disruption, who nominated Gupton for Employee Benefit Adviser’s Top Women in Benefit Advising Award.

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Year-End Summits

Friday, November 9 - Saturday, November 10
New York City

In early November, Cristy attended a Rip Medical Debt conference covering Medical Debt in America and Veterans’ Medical Debt.

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