Custom Benefits Solutions Health Plan Consulting

Health PLAN CoNsulting

Managing healthcare costs. It requires an understanding of illness and innovative thinking. So when we see a healthcare cost line that is heading the wrong direction, we break the trend. How you nurture employees out of the trappings of poor health and into the freedom of becoming a student of their own well-being makes all the difference. We make that difference. Begin your health planning today. Let Custom Benefits Solutions find the health plan for you.



Helping you plan for retirement. A 30-year career is only 360 months. That's a pretty finite amount of time.  The potential to be retired for longer than you ever worked is a real possibility.  Making the appropriate preparations for retirement is key to addressing the employee's total well being.  It's definitely an important piece of the puzzle that ensures a happy, healthy, more productive employee. Custom Benefits Solutions supplies that puzzle piece. Start strategizing today.

Custom Benefits Solutions offers Retirement Strategy

Retirement Strategy

Custom Benefits Solutions offers Wellness Consulting

Wellness Consulting

We relate to employees who struggle to make healthy choices. Custom Benefits Solutions stands shoulder to shoulder with employer clients when it comes to setting expectations for employees so that they can have a sustainable health plan as a part of their benefits package for years to come. Get started on your Wellness Consulting today.



We bring a best in class solution to our clients so that they no longer have to manage the process of open enrollment or employee on-boarding.  They delegate enrollments to us and we carry that load for them.  Once benefit plans are enrolled our service model lasts year-round. Take the first step, Custom Benefits can help.

Custom Benefits Solutions offers Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment