Small Business Employers

Custom Benefits Solutions can help your small business, with less than 50 full time employees, build a benefit package that will help you recruit and engage the best employees, without breaking the bank.

Sedera Health

Through our partnership with Sedera Health, we provide employers with an alternative to traditional health insurance plans. Sedera Health is a medical cost sharing plan, where funds are contributed and shared between members with medical “needs”.  With medical cost sharing, employers and their employees pay much lower monthly fees into an account shared by the "community".  It is not insurance, but offers many of the same protections at a much lower cost.

Custom Benefits Solutions connects employers with a Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership for your employees, which pairs well with the Sedera model.

Employers can participate in Sedera’s medical cost sharing plan with as few as five enrolled employees. Sedera also offers individual plans for the self-employed and employers with fewer than five employees. 

A Better Path to Healthcare, Together

Inspired by today’s sharing economy, Sedera offers a refreshingly different approach to manage large healthcare expenses.

Sedera members commit to a healthy lifestyle and sharing one another’s medical burdens. In doing so they are able to save on cost without compromising quality of care.

Leave the hassles of insurance behind and enjoy:

  • Freedom from Networks
  • Price Transparency
  • Significantly Lower Costs
  • Caring Community

Learn more about Sedera's Medical Cost Sharing community.

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Benefits Enrollment

We bring a best-in-class solution to employers so they no longer have to manage the process of open enrollment or employee on-boarding. They delegate enrollments to us and we handle it for them. Once benefit plans are enrolled, our flexible service model lasts year-round.

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Voluntary Benefits

Employees have a wide range of needs when it comes to protecting their financial future. CBS provides a curated list of choices for dental, vision, life & disability insurance. With Custom Benefits Solutions your employees can have the perfect pairing of healthcare plus whatever else that suits their needs.

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Compliance Expertise

The employee benefits space is highly regulated and employers can need help navigating it. At Custom Benefits Solutions, we help employers understand how to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations and make sure you are already anticipating the "next thing" on your compliance calendar.

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