Wellness Programs "Grow a Spine"

When there's back and neck pain, hip and sciatica issues, it makes being active and getting the kind of exercise an employee needs to stay fit fall way down on the priority list.  Not many employees are just going to "power through it" when they are in pain.  Keeping a check on spine health is crucial to managing or getting rid of back, hip and neck pain altogether.  But do your employees even know what their spine looks like?  And, do they know how the shape of their spine compares with a normal, healthy spine?  This is where having a first class chiropractor in your network becomes important.  When I went for my most recent chiropractic evaluation, it was literally the first time I'd ever seen an x-ray of my own spine.  While it was not in good shape, at least I had answers as to why I was having the neck and hip pain that I've been dealing with for some 3 years now.  As they say, when you know better...you do better.  If  you need to make sure first class chiropractic care is an integral part of your employee benefits plan and more importantly, you need to make it an important part of your employee wellness plan please reach out to us and learn how we have done that for our clients and how it has saved their employees from literally having a "pain in the neck"!