Episode 9: Being a True Fiduciary with Mark Watson and Kent Thomas (Part 2)

Healthcare Solutions Podcast

In part 2 of Cristy's discussion with Mark Watson and Kent Thomas, they touch on several topics like the unique opportunity DPC doctors have to provide care coordination for their patients when they need to leave the primary care home and enter a more complex part of the healthcare system.  Data tools continue to be a recurring theme.  Where your data comes from and to what extent you have access to it allows you to drill down on the cost and get control over it.  Without those data tools, the costs simply control you.  Listen here as we continue to tell the impressive story about the exemplary health plan at Union County, NC.

Kent Thomas (left) and Mark Watson (right)

Kent Thomas (left) and Mark Watson (right)

Meet Mark Watson and Kent Thomas

These two innovators teamed up to figure out how to provide the highest performing health plan they could design at Union County, NC.  It has been years in the making and they aren't finished yet!  They continue to stay ahead of rising healthcare costs but they lead the charge by incorporating Direct Primary Care into the Union County plan design and by building other innovations that accentuated this unique feature.  Mark Watson joined Union County as the HR Director which is the position he held while implementing these innovations.  Today, Mark is the Union County Manager and leads that county into new and even more innovative times.  Kent Thomas of Carolina Health Alliance has advised Union County during the years where they were venturing into these new initiatives and continues to kick the tires on new ideas and the re-branding of existing ideas.  The future is bright for Union County, NC with these two fiduciaries taking charge!