Episode 5: How Real Leadership is Solving the Opioid Crisis (Part 2)

Healthcare Solutions Podcast

In this episode, Cristy and Mark continue their discussion and dive into topics such as employer best practices, focusing on "whole person" well-being programs, etc.  Transforming workforce culture to think more positively and resiliently about challenges of all kinds, especially how we approach pain, is part of what employers might add to the messaging boards when it comes to addressing workplace wellness culture.  Some messages can be so simple they seem worthless to mention, but we can't be too careful about the positive culture we instill in our workforce.  This positive culture might just encourage an employee to tackle an episode of pain with the will and resilience to manage it without using prescriptions.  It's certainly worth the time to listen to this discussion. #letsfixhealthcare

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Meet Mark Pew

Senior vice president of product development and marketing for Preferred Medical, Mark is a passionate educator and agitator. Known as the RxProfessor, Mark is focused on the intersection of chronic pain and appropriate treatment, particularly as it relates to the clinical and financial implications of opioids, benzodiazepines and other Rx painkillers along with the evolution of medical marijuana . He is a strong champion for the workers' compensation industry to #CleanUpTheMess, a movement he created to drive attention to the importance of individualized appropriate treatment for injured workers. Mark is a vocal advocate of the BioPsychoSocialSpiritual treatment model. A nationally recognized speaker and writer, Mark received the WorkCompCentral Magna Comp Laude award in 2016 and the IAIABC’s Samuel Gompers Award in 2017. His blog was recognized in both 2016 and 2017 as a WorkersCompensation.com "Best Blog." 


A brief introduction of Mark Pew - The RxProfessor

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