Episode 6: Hope for Rural Healthcare with Carl Schuessler (Part 1)

Healthcare Solutions Podcast

In this episode, Cristy and Carl Schuessler, founder of Mitigate Partners and creator of the Fair Co$t Health Plan, talk about the state of rural health in our nation and how he is helping a small Florida hospital remake themselves from the inside out.  Better than that, the long-term goal is to elevate this hospital as a hub for healthcare services available to local employers in their community.  So, grab your headphones and #letsfixhealthcare.

Carl Schuessler

Meet Carl Schuessler

Serving as a Population Health Manager specializing in Cost Containment and Risk Mitigation, Carl is the Managing Principal of Benefit Strategies and Mitigate Partners.

With over 25 years of experience in employee and executive benefits consulting and financial planning experience, Carl offers clients improved cash flow, saves money and retains well-structured employee benefit and financial planning solutions. He is also an accomplished speaker and author.

He was selected as one of the first group of 30 forward-leaning Benefits Advisors in the U.S. to participate as a Charter Member in the Health Rosetta Certification Program for Benefits Advisors. The Health Rosetta is a blueprint of best practices for intelligently purchasing health benefits that’s been sourced from the most forward leaning benefits purchasers of all types around the country. The certification program helps ensure he stays at the front of the market to better serve his clients.

The Health Rosetta’s creator, Dave Chase, recently published a book that I think you’ll find valuable that also mentions me, The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream: How to Deliver World Class Health Care to Your Employees at Half the Cost.